Hi 👋 my name is Ben

I'm an independent artist and designer based in Halifax. My artwork tries to present a more cheerful, magical and maybe outrageous world, by using vivid, high contrast colours, combined with bold textures layered on top of drawings of ordinary objects or familiar places.

About the artist

I studied Visual Communication at the Glasgow School of Art which gave me the foundation to become a digital artist. The basis for my digital work is almost always pen on paper, but I also like to play and experiment with paint and sculptures

I was born and raised in Yorkshire, but then my curiosity and creative mind took me on a journey to explore multiple places around the world, which eventually took me back home with lots of inspirational art to share.

While travelling, I developed my passion for observation, absorbed elements of other cultures and learnt that the greatest value in any opera of art is to be found in the details. It is these details which I always seek to present in new or surprising ways and I hope that I am able to draw the viewer's attention to areas he/she would not normally look at and consider familiar objects in unusual ways.

I really hope you find the art print you are looking for on my website or catch me at a local craft markets! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions related to my work, the shop or just want to say hi. 

I am also open to commissions, if you wish to adapt any of the prints or would like something special, send me a message, I'll be happy to help 🙂

Thank you for supporting my small business! 

Photo by Lucy Cartwright